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  • About the Community: 


    The community has derived from the "old days", way back in 2002. The community was then known as "Phukd-Gaming" and was predominantly focused on Counter Strike 1.5, evolving into 1.6 and then Counter Strike Source. By the time the community / clan were a clear cut band of well renowned pros in and out of game. Some members helped work on various half life one mods, including 'The Specialists'. 3D modeling, scripting, animation and texture artists among us. We created custom mods for source based games unique to our servers, which at peak point were 12 servers. Including competitive servers, fun map servers and surf servers.


    A Sponsorship was received in the form of server hosting, input peripherals and a splash in the PC gamer magazine. This all went to ruin when the majority of clan / community jumped into World of Warcraft.


    September, 2010 saw the rebirth of the community as RedRaw-Gaming. (Thanks to Blizzard patching World of Warcraft for Cataclym and ruining talent points). There is history prior to this, however with a solid few years gap due to an unhealthy World of Warcraft addition. The remainder of the community that stayed focused on playing counter strike source and team fortress 2 re-branded a smaller clan naming it 'Team Wasted' after Wasted for founding the clan and community.


    The following years to come saw the community split up with some members traveling the world, some moving to other communities and some losing interest all together. During these years there isn't much to say as not much happened with the community. 


    Fast forward to 2017, this saw the birth of the community's first Role playing server, based on ArmA 3's "Altis Life" game mode. This server proved to be some what popular within the community and causing us to meet more friends along the way. However, this server did not last long and was ultimately closed in 2018 due to the age of the game and the group falling out of love with it.


    Now, the present day, living in the moment, 2K 19 as the youth don't say. We are a strong group of friends looking to host and play servers for any games that take our liking. We hope you enjoy any of your time that you spend with us. 


    Best regards,

    RedRaw-Gaming Team