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The RedRaw Core Team

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All of the Core Team partisipate in various things to make sure we stay standing. Here is a brief list of who does what (some inaccuracy maybe present) -

0x1b4df007 - Talented Dev. Has to be restrained from time to time and stopped from installing debian (linux) on his gaming PC. Master of the rage quit society. Helps with infrastructure also. ("Kind of technical" - His own words). >--- bs

ellisway - Prodominately Lord of infrastructure. From hardware, access and connectivity. The most clocked up hours in most games and gold medalist of AFK in game. 

Kylan - Good at promoting things, but no one really takes him seriously.... Now and then has random outbursts of good and bad ideas. (Usually with a some innuendo orientation included) One of the only people that can ruin a pot noodle.

Louis -  Lord of laughs and shinanigans. Once brought a sea captain a box of bread on a pirate ship. 

Neck - Pretty good with annoying everyone else without even saying a thing. Speaks many languages including C++ (Or so he thinks) Has a chemical addiction to making up terminologies. Frequently tells us all hes taken his pants off.  Called Neck because it's the only way he has one.

sikee atric - The human version of Wikipedia, Number one pick for the pub quiz team. The most wicked sense of humor and the only person with any intellect in the core team.  Only needs to have one word uttered at him to be triggered, begins with a B.

Terom - Should write a book, Has a story for and about everything. The resident lady killer. Hunts whales in his spare time. 

The J - Direct decentant from William Wallis. Pretends to know what hes doing, and it actually usually pays off. Master of Dabbing and all things relating to limbs know as Arms.

Nacho Diaz / ArrogantBread - A capable Dev with a dietery requirements included Kebabs and meal deals. Has no idea how to indicate while driving and has a disgusting addiction to Nicki Minaj.

wasted - Graphics designist, scripter and techy. Helps with infrastructure and Master of Hooning. Usually gets the final say (Just like Putin does with Russian politics) and has a potty mouth 5 year old that repeats things he says online. (This gets him in trouble quite a lot). Resident vapist


As a whole, RedRaw is different to other communities you may have seen. We don't have a traditional "Admin Team". Instead, the people in the list above are the core members, the Admins if you will. But essentially, they're the group that run this show!

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Join the community and make your reputation, you'll find your names added to this list as Friends of the group, right here in this very post!

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